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21 March 2018
Indonesia will revise its tax incentives and offer them to a larger number of business sectors, in a bid to attract more investment, the finance minister said. Tax allowance and tax holiday rules, last revised in 2016, had failed to attract a... read more
19 March 2018
Indonesia is seeking more investors and trade improvement with China as to attain higher growth, mutually benefit the two economies whose bilateral ties are in its most dynamic condition at present, an Indonesian minister said here on... read more
15 March 2018
Standard & Poor's Global Ratings highlighted on Tuesday a deterioration in the balance sheets at Indonesian state-owned enterprises (SOEs) involved in a government-led infrastructure push in Southeast Asia's biggest economy. SOEs,... read more
13 March 2018
As reported from Indonesia, the country’s Directorate General of Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (EBTKE) of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources targets geothermal investments of more than 80% of all investments in the new... read more
09 March 2018
As with many other countries, it is not always walk in the park to invest in Indonesia. There are major roadblocks: 1.Setting up  One of the difficulties regularly cited by foreign companies in setting up operations is the length of time... read more

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  • NIKON Indonesia has used JAC Recruitment service since our first time established in Indonesia in mid of 2012. Most of our employees recruited using JAC Recruitment services at that time.
    We really satisfied using JAC services, since JAC consultant is communication skill is really good specially communicating with our expat employee. Even, there are rooms for improvements, we still think it still acceptable.
    Our hope as client, JAC will always give their best services to their existing clients. Can work together better with their clients.


  • "By the cooperation which has been takes long time enough during this 4 years, JAC continuously serve the best effort by supporting us Payroll service and always providing us proper advice and updated information from time to time. Under JAC, our payroll is running smoothly... We feel we are satisfied with the service they provided.
    Best wishes for JAC to keep the best service as always and make improvement continuously to be a better and better in the future."