Call Us Now +62 21 390 8271
Call Us Now +62 21 390 8271

Company Profile

JAC Business Center - is a global consultancy services provider delivering business solutions to its distinguished clients.

It is part of JAC Recruitment, an international recruitment consultancy, headquartered in UK as part of TAZAKI Group. Currently JAC Recruitment operates in 10 countries with 25 offices in the UK, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Vietnam, and India.

Today, JAC Business Center as business unit delivers:

  1. One of the industry's biggest portfolios of Talent in Indonesia
  2. Payroll applications for your company, and
  3. Service Finance & Accounting Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to numerous clients

Our services are currently used and available to clients from various industries across the world, such as IT Services, Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Healthcare, Transportation, Trading, Automotive, Hospitality, Tourism, Agricultural, FMCG, Consumer Goods and Retail, Construction, Engineering, Advertising, Marketing, Business Services, Logistics, Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Media, Legal Services, Education, Aviation, Marine, Pharmaceutical and Embassy/Governments.

At JAC Business Center, client satisfaction and delivery excellence is our top priority. We provide our services to companies and organizations of all sizes. We cater to services small and big number of staff across all major cities in Indonesia. The employee placed includes white collar staff from administration level to executive level. We have a dedicated team for each client that consist of senior consultants with specialized expertise in human resources, manpower & labor law/Indonesia labor regulation and documentation.

Company Detail

PT JAC Business Center
Menara Cakrawala 16th Floor, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.9, Jakarta 10340 Indonesia
+62 21 3159504
+62 21 3159520
Deed of Notary Public Erning Tri Irjayanti, SH, M.Kn No.8 dated May 6th, 2008 and approved Degree No. C-58.HT.03.01-Th.2006 of the Ministry of Justice Renew of Notary Public dated April 20th, 2006.
SIUP : No.1035/1.824.51-No.SDPJP003043
Group : Middle Company
Domicile Permit : 300/-1.824.02/2010
Depnaker Permit : 69/IOPJ/P/X/2009
Paid Up Capital IDR 200,000,000

Board of Directors

Widiantoro Baroto
Numiko Ueda

PT JAC Business Center Team Member

Widiantoro Baroto

Taufik Zamzami
Senior Manager

Yudia Furiwati Kriswadhani

Ryan Julian

Business Development Manager

Andy Cahya Nugraha
Business Development Manager

Machiko Umakoshi
Business Development Manager

Accounting Services & Payroll

Antonius Jungjungan

Ayu Puspitasari

Nadia Dessarlin

Restiawan Mustafa


Manpower Outsourcing

Sarah Hermaniar

Ratna Dwi Hardiyanti

Juggi Markus

Mulhimi Achmad

Research & Development Advisor

Tetsuya Mori