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23 May 2017
Rapid expansion should be the goal for any company. Entrepreneurs are often the types of people who build the ship while they sail it. This works in calm waters, but can become a whole lot more challenging when there are 50 foot waves, or... read more
19 May 2017
Worrying whether outsourced project can be finished or not after selecting the vendor is normal. The fear will drive the company crazy, but it does not have to be that way since all problems have its own solutions. So what are... read more
17 May 2017
In the current volatile business environment, effective and efficient day-to-day risk management is critical to an organization’s people, processes, and long-term viability.       Outsourcing is one of the form of risk... read more
15 May 2017
Outsourcing is an old idea. Yes the name sometimes associated with bad press but actually it helps business to expand and gaining grounds for future expansion. Outsourcing basically means asking a third-party vendor to work for you on a... read more
03 May 2017
When it comes to outsourcing, it is more than just handling payroll for outsourced employees, but also workload can be outsourced. One of it is administration outsourcing. This sounds new, but actually it has many great benefit. What are... read more
01 May 2017
Almost everyone who has grown their business from a one-person entity to many employees has struggled with letting go of any task. But in the end it is inevitable that every entrepreneur needs to set aside their fear of delegating. Delegating... read more
27 April 2017
What is actually micro management? By definition, micromanagement is a management style whereby a manager closely observes or controls the work of subordinates up to the very last detail. Sometimes it involves too many poking. Or in other... read more
25 April 2017
Delegating your task seems like a nightmare for micro managing manager. It is understandable since it is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you must do everything yourself if you want it to be done right.  But this mindset is... read more
21 April 2017
What does it really take to grow a business? It takes more than just having abundant capital or good valuation of your business. Focus and perseverance is the key. By focusing on the big picture and let small things handled by others, the path... read more
19 April 2017
Although Jokowi's administration has loosen some regulations which hampers investment, Indonesia is still a difficult place to invest. Why? Indonesia’s weak logistics infrastructure is often seen as a reason for avoiding e-commerce.... read more