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30 July 2018
Temporary Staffing Agencies’ play a very large part in this success for business both small and large. With a Temporary Staffing Agencies, the employee works for the Agency and not the employer. A preapproved amount of time is selected... read more
27 July 2018
Most businesses can use an extra set of hands to handle a big project or a new surge in business. But most are also reluctant to hire full-time staff. A staffing agency can provide temporary employees to help with a wide variety of business... read more
25 July 2018
Staffing agencies perform recruitment and selection processes for organizations that don’t have the time, expertise or resources necessary to manage the employment processes. Some staffing agencies provide temporary workers, and others... read more
23 July 2018
Investment in Indonesia hit a snag.  There are doubts whether Indonesia's gross domestic product (GDP) growth can reach 5.2 percent year-on-year (y/y) in full-year 2018 as Indonesia is experiencing a couple of major challenges.... read more
19 July 2018
In an effort to defend the rupiah, Indonesia's central bank (Bank Indonesia) significantly raised its benchmark interest rate over the past two months (the benchmark rose gradually from 4.25 percent in early May to 5.25 percent in late... read more
17 July 2018
As rupiah stumbles,  Indonesia’s central bank is showing its willingness to sacrifice economic growth for currency stability in its latest aggressive move on interest rates. Indonesia favors economic stability. Bank Indonesia (BI)... read more
13 July 2018
Should foreign workers in Indonesia speaks Indonesian? According to presidential Regulation No. 20/2018 on the Use of Foreign Workers, they should and this regulation continues to be a controversial regulation. In essence the new regulation... read more
09 July 2018
A US$300 million loan approved today by the World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors will help the Government of Indonesia deepen reforms to reduce the costs and improve the reliability of the country’s maritime logistics. This is... read more
05 July 2018
Indonesia government is aiming to strengthen the manufacturing industry and secure big investment projects in the face of global uncertainty and a trade war. Indonesia's manufacturing industry will grow stronger. On Monday, (as quoted from... read more
02 July 2018
Human resource and staffing in Indonesia is always a problem. For a country of 265 million population, the issue doesn’t lie on the quantity of its human resources. It lies in their quality. Having an active workforce of 122 million... read more