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14 September 2017
This year is almost over, but Indonesia does not hold back on investment. Investing in Indonesia will be more exciting. According to The Jakarta Post, Indonesia is aiming for 5.6 percent economic growth in 2018. The government will turn its... read more
12 September 2017
For most companies, IT is a support function, not a core competency. Building and supporting your own data center isn’t likely to give you a competitive advantage.  Your team may not have the skills to create software which could give... read more
08 September 2017
Many businesses overlook the importance of Information Technology (IT). IT is a major support function for any business. It is "normal" to be overlooked, this is because of the cost to develop and maintain an IT department can... read more
06 September 2017
These days, thousands of companies use IT outsourcing, which means “farming out" certain information technology functions to independent, third-party companies or individuals, instead of keeping those functions in-house. Examples of... read more
04 September 2017
Infrastructure is the foundation on which society rests and without which it cannot function.  First, and foremost, poor or insufficient infrastructure can be a safety issue.   Serious consequence of deteriorating infrastructure is... read more
31 August 2017
Joko Widodo's first term hasn't ended yet, but news on mounting national debt and massive infrastructure buildup has been going on in recent months. Not surprising since one day before Indonesia's Independence Day (16 August), the... read more
29 August 2017
President Joko Widodo surely pull all the stops to make his presidency worthwhile in terms of export and investment. The Indonesian government has taken steps to accelerate the growth of export and investment amid rising oil prices and a better... read more
25 August 2017
When it comes to national debt, many people didn't realize that the only way to count it is not to count the total of it. Although government debt has risen by more than Rp1,000 trillion in the two and a half years of Joko Widodo's... read more
23 August 2017
Indonesia's $932 billion gross domestic product grew 5 percent in real terms last year. The World Bank projects it to increase to 5.2 percent this year and 5.3 percent in 2018. This certainly needs more boost since President Joko Widodo has... read more
21 August 2017
Investments in Indonesia will need more boost. According to World Bank president, Jim Yong Kim, "Indonesia needs about $500bn over the next five years to build roads, ports and bridges and should remove hurdles to encourage greater private... read more