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17 April 2017
Walt Disney said it best, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” Treating your customer right will not only benefit you, but also the whole business in the long run. Happy customers who... read more
13 April 2017
You’re most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning - Bill Gates   Keeping costumers happy is important, once you know how frequently a customer use your service, you will have a better understanding on how to... read more
11 April 2017
Selling a product to customers is one thing, but keep them retained is another thing. Retaining customer loyalty should be a priority; otherwise, your costumers will vanish into thin air. You can have small or large business, but improving how... read more
07 April 2017
Getting a customers to stay with your products or services is almost the same as like getting a new girlfriend (or boyfriend). It takes an effort but it was worth it. The value of the customers will grow as time goes by.  Your business... read more
05 April 2017
Acquiring costumers must adapt to the new landscape. Nowadays, a convergence of technological advancements and internet culture has driven a change in the way people make decisions.  Consumer now used their devices and host of other... read more
03 April 2017
Not all costumers are equal.  Good business is a long game, and one of the most important indicators that you’re doing it right is your customer lifetime value (CLV). With it, you can move ahead on short-term profits, and go beyond to... read more
31 March 2017
Expanding your businesses abroad or to another area is a dream come true for every business owners. But dreams has its price. The trouble of finding the right person or even how to manage hundreds of people to work for us sometimes can be... read more
30 March 2017
As with many other countries, it is not always walk in the park to invest in Indonesia. There are major roadblocks: 1.    Setting up  One of the difficulties regularly cited by foreign companies in setting up operations is... read more
29 March 2017
A lot of companies have branches or subsidiaries around the globe. The ongoing process of greater economic interdependence among countries known as economic globalization is reflected in the increasing amount of cross border trade in goods and... read more
28 March 2017
With a large market share and booming demography, Indonesia is a country to look at beyond the tropical breeze and coconut trees. Indonesia is an attractive destination for investment because it has a large market, stability, relatively low... read more