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16 November 2018
Keeping this in mind, the Chairman of BKPM Thomas Lembong voiced his concerns about Indonesia’s complicated bureaucracy, with its excessive and rigid procedures, which he saw as a serious hindrance to the effort of the country’s... read more
14 November 2018
Indonesia’s Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) has sent representatives to Guangzhou in China and New York in the United States to lure Chinese and American investors to put their money into Indonesia. Chinese and American investors... read more
12 November 2018
With its huge population of 260 million, a large proportion of which is young and social-media savvy, Indonesia has long threatened to become one of Asia’s biggest film markets. Indonesia, a large market for movie industry. But it’s... read more
09 November 2018
Indonesia's economic growth slowed for the third quarter of this year as consumption failed to pick up despite the country hosting a major sports event during the period. Is Indonesia's growth slumping? Badan Pusat Statistik, the... read more
07 November 2018
Kickstarting growth was a regulatory shake-up in 2016, instigated by Indonesia’s business-friendly president Joko Widodo, which removed the film industry from the country’s so-called “negative list” preventing foreign... read more
05 November 2018
So, "winter is coming," as Indonesia's president Joko Widodo said in Bali during IMF meeting. Policymakers say each country should look first to its own defenses. They are right, but it may not be enough. Asia has seen remarkably... read more
02 November 2018
Asian policymakers are adamant that they will do whatever it takes to fight financial instability with their own devices rather than seeking the support of the International Monetary Fund as they were forced to do in the 1997 Asian financial... read more
31 October 2018
We have already seen turmoil in Turkey and in Argentina, which has secured a record $57 billion program pledge from the IMF. In Asia, Pakistan is negotiating IMF financial support of around $7 billion. In principle, Asia has a support... read more
29 October 2018
According to The Oxford Business Group the current administration is committed to developing IDR 5,500 trillion (approx. USD 414.6 billion) worth of new public works projects between 2015 and 2019, including large-scale transport, utilities and... read more
26 October 2018
Following the announcement of its Philippine fund last week, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur-based venture capital firm Gobi Partners on Tuesday announced a $10-million fund to invest in tech companies in Indonesia. In an official announcement, the... read more