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06 February 2019
E-commerce accounted for 8 percent of total retail sales in Indonesia last year, on course to reach 18 percent by 2023, fueled by changing behavior among tech-savvy customers who are willing to spend more for convenience, according to a recent... read more
04 February 2019
Indonesia expects billions of dollars in investment from companies relocating factories from China as a fallout of its trade war with the U.S., according to Tom Lembong, chairman of the country’s Investment Coordinating Board. While... read more
01 February 2019
While Indonesia’s rupiah has gone from being one of the worst-performing currencies in 2018 to the second-best performer this year because of expectations of the Fed being on hold, it called for vigilance as the U.S. economy could... read more
30 January 2019
China had now become much more “cautious and calculated” in its investment attitude amid an economic slowdown in the country and its more fragile outlook, particularly in light of its ongoing trade tensions with the U.S.... read more
28 January 2019
Indonesia’s growth outlook remains positive due to domestic demand, expansion of government spending and fixed investments. However, US-China trade tensions continue to pose downside risks in terms of the volatility of the Rupiah as well... read more
25 January 2019
Indonesia in recent years has registered a steady growth at above 5 percent. Steady investment flows have also allowed Indonesia’s economy to expand at a rapid pace. Most notably, the Indonesian government has announced various policy... read more
23 January 2019
There is a current trade deficit in Indonesia where imports continue to rise against exports. The government raised import taxes on 1,140 types of goods in order to make up for the imbalance. However, according to Moody’s,... read more
21 January 2019
The government is lowering its investment target for the electricity sector this year to US$12.04 billion, 1.3 percent less than last year’s target of $12.2 billion, after taking into account a recent slowdown in electricity... read more
18 January 2019
Indonesian authorities are working to develop new investment instruments with “good” returns in a bid to retain onshore more than US$10 billion that was repatriated under a tax amnesty program three years ago, with officials acting... read more
16 January 2019
Global funds are piling back into Asia’s bellwether for emerging markets, buying $795 million of debt so far this year and sending yields down about 90 basis points from their October peak as the Federal Reserve looks to take a more... read more