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14 January 2019
Indonesia`s IIP at the end of the third quarter of 2018 recorded a net liability of US$297.0 billion, or 28.5 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP), relatively unchanged from that at the end of the previous quarter, according to a... read more
11 January 2019
The Industry Ministry has targeted an increase of 7.1 percent in the agroindustry in 2019, higher than last year’s 6.93 percent, following a surge in domestic demand. Several sectors will enjoy great opportunities, including the food and... read more
09 January 2019
Besides being part of foreign direct investment, the presence of foreign talents in Indonesia’s business sectors is important to encourage an exchange of best business practices that allow local companies and human resources to thrive by... read more
07 January 2019
Indonesia, for long the world’s largest halal products consumer, now wants the mantle of the top producer of Shariah-compliant goods. Indonesia wants to be the biggest halal hub. The world’s largest Muslim-majority nation will set... read more
04 January 2019
Indonesia has now become a favorite investment destination country because of its large population, its rising purchasing power with a potential for an upcoming demographic bonus and its abundant natural resources. Indonesia is favorite for... read more
02 January 2019
Continuous efforts of the Indonesian government to improve the investment climate have paid off, as has been indicated by the increase of its economic output during the last three years. Indonesia continue to deregulate investment... read more
31 December 2018
Indonesia is offering a series of new projects worth up to $60 billion for Chinese investment to boost its participation in China's belt and road programme, according to a report in the Straits Times. New projects will include power plants... read more
28 December 2018
Indonesia and Algeria have made a commitment to increase bilateral trade and investment. The two countries – Indonesia in Southeast Asia and Algeria in North Africa – have economic ties that go a long way back. Algeria ranks sixth... read more
26 December 2018
Algeria and Indonesia could work together to boost each other’s economic growth by tapping into each country’s strong economic potential. For instance, Indonesia could benefit from Algeria’s status as a North African business... read more
24 December 2018
Indonesian Ambassador to Portugal Ibnu Wahyutomo has invited Portuguese companies to do business in Indonesia. Portugal companies invited to invest in Indonesia. As maritime countries, Indonesia and Portugal should enhance collaboration among... read more