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08 June 2018
This latest edition of the Indonesia Economic Quarterly takes a closer look at 15 years of education reforms and assesses their impact in improving education outcomes and human capital in Indonesia, and the challenges that remain. Investing in... read more
06 June 2018
The Asian Development Bank has approved $1 billion in policy-based loans to support Indonesia's reforms in public expenditure, and to improve the country's investment climate. Investing in Indonesia is now looking bright. The loans will... read more
04 June 2018
Indonesia's economy expanded at a slower pace last quarter than economists had forecast, a setback for the government after eight interest rate cuts in the past two years. Gross domestic product rose 5.06 per cent in the first quarter from... read more
30 May 2018
Will Indonesia survive another external shock? Indonesia cannot be complacent as the global financial environment becomes even more troubled. The threat from depleting financial liquidity can only intensify as the US Federal Reserve pursues its... read more
28 May 2018
Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia, has already seen growth disappoint: Its economy missed analyst expectations by growing only 5.06 percent in the first quarter of the year. Higher interest rates make lending more expensive, which... read more
25 May 2018
In 2017, China was ranked as the country with the third-largest foreign investment in Indonesia at US$3.36 billion, a significant increase from $2.66 billion in 2016.   It seems that the trend is here to stay. Meanwhile, the top five... read more
23 May 2018
Indonesia is in dire need of funds to finance several construction projects in the pipeline, the government will approach Chinese investors and ask them to engage in infrastructure development across the archipelago.   As reported by The... read more
21 May 2018
Investment Coordinating Board (BPKM) head Thomas Lembong says the government will prioritize investment, including in mega projects in Java, to achieve the target of Rp 765 trillion (US$54.77 billion) in 2018.   Java-focused move had been... read more
18 May 2018
Indonesia wants to lower its reliance on natural resources and President Joko Widodo is turning the spotlight on films, fashion and handicrafts.   Growth in these creative industries is set to exceed the pace of the nation’s gross... read more
15 May 2018
Indonesia's economic growth pace in January to March fell slightly from the previous quarter, reflecting still-weak consumption and indicating that the government may struggle to meet its 2018 growth target.   President Joko Widodo... read more