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28 December 2018
Indonesia and Algeria have made a commitment to increase bilateral trade and investment. The two countries – Indonesia in Southeast Asia and Algeria in North Africa – have economic ties that go a long way back. Algeria ranks sixth... read more
26 December 2018
Algeria and Indonesia could work together to boost each other’s economic growth by tapping into each country’s strong economic potential. For instance, Indonesia could benefit from Algeria’s status as a North African business... read more
24 December 2018
Indonesian Ambassador to Portugal Ibnu Wahyutomo has invited Portuguese companies to do business in Indonesia. Portugal companies invited to invest in Indonesia. As maritime countries, Indonesia and Portugal should enhance collaboration among... read more
21 December 2018
The Indonesian government launched the One Map Policy Geoportal (KSP Geoportal). This policy involves a more detailed map of land use, hence aiming at resolving overlapping claims - as well as preventing the emergence of new cases - across the... read more
19 December 2018
Indonesia on Sunday signed an economic agreement with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) aimed at increasing trade and investment, concluding almost eight years of negotiations. Under the deal, tariffs and non-tariff barriers would be... read more
17 December 2018
Korean-Japanese conglomerate Lotte Group will invest at least $3.5 billion in what is to be Indonesia's largest petrochemical plant. For the Korean-Japanese conglomerate, the investment offers a chance to divest from China, a market in... read more
14 December 2018
Lotte's board in October decided to invest 50 trillion won ($44.63 billion) in the five years to 2023, with 20 trillion won earmarked for chemicals and construction. The Indonesia investment is part of this plan, Shin said. The Lotte Group... read more
12 December 2018
The Indonesian government has been in "structural communication" with China for the past year. Jakarta refuses any government-to-government loan. For Indonesian minister, Chinese investment must include Indonesian workers and the most... read more
10 December 2018
Indonesia may still feel the impact of the trade war between the United States and China, even though tensions between the two economic giants have cooled down following a meeting between US President Donald Trump and China’s Xi Jinping on... read more
07 December 2018
The Indonesian government announced the 16th economic policy package late last week. This latest package is important for direct investors, including foreign investors as it includes a revision of the country's Negative Investment List (in... read more