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05 December 2018
Chief economist at Bank Central Asia (BCA) David Sumual told The Jakarta Post that Indonesia should attract more foreign investment into the country to help fix the current account deficit (CAD) problem, which has widened to $8.8 billion, 3.37... read more
03 December 2018
Indonesia has wrapped up negotiations for a free trade and investment pact with members of the four-nation European Free Trade Association, and a final agreement is due to be signed in December, Indonesia's trade minister said. Indonesia... read more
30 November 2018
Singapore has long ruled the region's booming venture capital and private equity investment market, but new players are emerging that could take its crown. Indonesia and Vietnam are the most likely challengers.  Indonesia is the hottest... read more
28 November 2018
Foreign direct investment in Indonesia shrank 12.9% on the year in the April-June quarter as companies wary of policy shifts ahead of the April 2019 presidential election stayed on the sidelines. Foreign Direct Investment shrunk in Indonesia as... read more
26 November 2018
With proper government regulations, foreign firms can be guided to transfer the domestic businesses technical know-how, managerial and organizational skills and provide access to foreign markets. World Bank studies also concluded that FDI... read more
23 November 2018
Based on data on renewable energy development from the Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR), Indonesia only showed 4.5 percent of growth in its renewable energy capacity, while Thailand achieved 9.8%, Malayisa 10.7%, China 15.4%, and... read more
21 November 2018
The government's plan to open more sectors to foreign investors by revising the 2016 Negative Investment List (DNI) is indeed a bold measure in the run-up to the presidential and legislative elections next April, since electoral campaigns... read more
19 November 2018
The Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) is seeking to accelerate the growth of Indonesia’s highly promising digital economy, which might be the future of the country’s economy amid depleting oil and gas resources, by... read more
16 November 2018
Keeping this in mind, the Chairman of BKPM Thomas Lembong voiced his concerns about Indonesia’s complicated bureaucracy, with its excessive and rigid procedures, which he saw as a serious hindrance to the effort of the country’s... read more
14 November 2018
Indonesia’s Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) has sent representatives to Guangzhou in China and New York in the United States to lure Chinese and American investors to put their money into Indonesia. Chinese and American investors... read more