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[News] 7 Reasons To Invest In Indonesia
Posted at: 28 March 2017

With a large market share and booming demography, Indonesia is a country to look at beyond the tropical breeze and coconut trees.

Indonesia is an attractive destination for investment because it has a large market, stability, relatively low labor costs and the availability of raw materials.

The so called "Asia's next big opportunity," is very sexy. In 2016, its economy grew 5% largely supported by domestic consumption, infrastructure spending and fiscal stimuli packages.

With ongoing policy reforms to improve the investment climate and its fiscal credibility, as well as continued focus in infrastructure development, Indonesia’s central bank is forecasting growth of up to 5.4% in 2017.  So what are 7 reasons to invest in Indonesia?

  1. A good place to invest
    Recently Saudi Arabia pledged $1 billion in development finance for Indonesia and expanded cooperation in other areas, deepening ties with Southeast Asia's biggest economy.
  2. Political stability
    Since emerging from decades of autocratic rule 18 years ago, Indonesia has succeeded maintaining political stability. Yes some problems still persists, but nevertheless, it is normal for emerging nation.
  3. Investment reformation
    President Joko Widodo has launch almost dozen economic stimulant decree in hope of easing investment and banishes restricting rules for business owners in Indonesia.
  4. Abundant natural resources
    Indonesia abounds with natural resources extractions from being a major producer of liquefied natural gas and expansion of mining industry. Petroleum and mineral make up majority exports.
  5. Talent pool
    The percentage of productive age group in 2025-2035 would dominate the population. More than 50 percent of Indonesia’s population is under the age of 30, and the nation’s strong economic growth has been primarily based on consumption
  6. Urban living
    More than 53% of the people live in urban areas with a modern lifestyle and increasing purchasing power.
  7. Dominant role in Southeast Asia
    As for today Indonesia is the only member of the G-20 and has an active voice for developing world’s concerns.



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