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[News] Why Data Is Important In Acquiring New Costumers
Posted at: 05 April 2017

Acquiring costumers must adapt to the new landscape. Nowadays, a convergence of technological advancements and internet culture has driven a change in the way people make decisions. 

Consumer now used their devices and host of other digital formats fluidly, makes it difficult for marketers to track their behavior. It makes costumer acquisition much harder than ever.

Costumer acquisition is costly, stitching data from various sources to construct customer profiles is time consuming. So how to tackle this?

Data drives everything for marketers. It's through the streams of data, marketers able to understand what channels perform best for acquiring customers in today's environment. 

Embrace chaos
Embracing chaotic nature of digital life and focusing on how individuals behave across devices and channels can also be a key. Do not lose focus, try to understand the chaos.

Acquiring costumers need a big leap of faith, invest in data infrastructure. Go social or buy it from Google. It is more precise. You can also invest in companies that provides data for your needs.

Think like a costumer
Imagine having a brand, what should you do? Brand Awareness. Before customers can make a choice that includes your product, they have to know it exists, and they will want to know a least a little about the brand. Where is it from? What does it do for me?  Why do I have to choose it?

Having long term sustainable profit is something that needs to be fight for in the future. By that, investing in data to understand what customers want is one of solution to make your business soar into the horizon.