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[News] 5 Reasons To Delegate Your Tasks
Posted at: 25 April 2017

Delegating your task seems like a nightmare for micro managing manager. It is understandable since it is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you must do everything yourself if you want it to be done right. 

But this mindset is a major obstacle to effective management, thus it will, lead into the slow growth of a company.

It’s a simple fact that one person can’t do everything. Trying to accomplish or micromanage too many tasks leads to burnout, poor quality and missed deadlines.

No need to be worry, delegation is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of leadership and also a leap of faith. Here are 5 reasons to delegate your tasks:

Keeping from spreading too thin.
Too much on your plate? You are not even Superman, the weight of the job can crush you mentally. Taking on too many responsibilities will burn you out faster than a firecracker.

Knowing your employees
By delegating, managers can know and recognize the use of their employees. The team wants to be utilized to their fullest potential. Don’t confuse delegation with dictation. Delegation is providing work to employees based on trust in their abilities.

Display of strength
Delegating your job does not mean that you are weak. If you think like that, probably you are a dictator. It display your strength and wisdom, people will trust you more. Delegating responsibility means you trust your employees with autonomy. Studies reveal this autonomy can result in a higher commitment to doing their best work first and benefiting your organization. 

Reduces risk of burning out
Burning out is dangerous. Taking control of everything all at once is risking burnout mentally and physically.
Good leadership isn’t about doing everything yourself but rather employing strategies that gets everything done by the right people. 

Empowering teams
Why are you having employees if at the end of the day, you just treat them like robots?
Utilize their set of skills so it can focus on broader strategies and securing resources to carry out your plans. 

Delegation is not just a way to shuffle off simple tasks that you don't like. Delegation is providing employees with a job to do within basic parameters and giving them the authority to make their own decisions on what steps to take to achieve the objective. 

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