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[News] 4 Risk Of Micro Management
Posted at: 27 April 2017

What is actually micro management? By definition, micromanagement is a management style whereby a manager closely observes or controls the work of subordinates up to the very last detail. Sometimes it involves too many poking.

Or in other words, management's distrust towards their employee's makes them poke their fingers on everything.

It’s a way for management to ensure that tasks are performed in a very precise manner – in other words, management’s way.  But this is actually pretty dangerous. Why?

1. Losing control
Although it looks like that you control everything, you usually end up losing it. It’s important to realize that there are many valid management styles and every staff member reacts differently to each. 

2. Eroding trust
Your employee will see you not as managers but dictators who did not have any trust in them. This act breaks what little trust already exists between employee and manager. When trust is gone, two things can happen: A serious loss of productivity, along with a loss of employees. This will lead into high turnover of employees.

If you micromanage too much, your employees’ skills, talents and insights can diminish, leaving you with a team that only knows how to do what it's told.

3. Death of creativity
Micromanaging can kill creativity and productivity, too. Why should employees strive for the best possible outcome when they already feel like it won’t be up to your expectations from the get-go? 

4. Your own burnout
Having to poke your fingers everywhere is exhausting. Looking over so many shoulders every day will very quickly burn you out. As time goes by, you will hate your job and that burnout can infect those beneath you. Your office will be toxic and unpleasant.

What is the solution? Learn to delegate task. Delegation is not just a way to shuffle off simple tasks that you don't like. It takes leap of trust. But bear in mind that delegation will save tour business from collapsing from within.

Most of the times an organization cannot handle all aspects of a business process internally. Additional to that, some of the processes are temporary. By this, services from JAC Business Center will come in handy. It will help managers to clear up their plates so they can work better with good results.

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Why bother micro managing if you can have other people handle your worries?