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[News] 6 Simple Ways To Effective Delegation
Posted at: 01 May 2017

Almost everyone who has grown their business from a one-person entity to many employees has struggled with letting go of any task. But in the end it is inevitable that every entrepreneur needs to set aside their fear of delegating.

Delegating isn't always easy, and the process isn't always clear cut, but the sooner you start, the sooner you'll develop the expertise to do it effectively. Realize that the process will never be perfect, but learn from your experiences and make ongoing adjustments for improvement. 

These are 6 simple ways to effective delegation.

1. Trust
Giving trust is hard, therefore find ways to verify. Once a task is delegated, trust your teammate to execute it on his or her own terms. This will allow the person to tackle the work the way he or she feels is best. But don't forget to verify the task, whether it runs according to plan or not.

2. Give clear instruction
Don't be philosophical; give clear and obvious instruction as to how the task should be done. If you have specific preferences for how the assignment will be carried out, include that information. If you have a strict deadline or milestones you need to hit, be clear about them. This will avoid most communication gaps.

3. Choose the best
This is why leadership matters; choose your best employee to be delegated. Observe how he or she is doing it. Give the task to those who deliver, not the people who are the least busy. 

4. Train. Coach. Empower. Trust
Lack of trust is delegation’s worst enemy. With the proper training and coaching, your people can take on more complex tasks. Don't be selfish and telling yourself that you are the only one who can do it. 

5. Authority must be given
Don't just give instruction, delegate responsibility and authority. This will give your subordinate a feel of importance and freedom to maximize their talents.

6. Listen to feedback
Feedback is the most important part of the delegation process, and it works both ways. Don't be the one who keeps talking but refuse to listen.  Successful entrepreneurs maintain control as they delegate. Commit to regular one-on-one meetings with key employees and being briefed on key projects to ensure you know where things stand throughout the company.

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