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[News] 3 Things You Didn't Know You Can Outsource
Posted at: 22 June 2017

3 Things You Didn't Know You Can Outsource

If you're thinking outsourcing, it is okay to think that it only involves manufacturing industries or IT and data entry. But think again.

Outsourcing opportunities have expanded greatly over the past few decades; changes within the business community have driven that expansion. What is perceived as "core" has changed greatly. As example, a decade ago HR was core now HR outsourcing is as common as ever.

Here are three functions that many might not have thought to outsource but are already happening:

1. Communications Marketing Services
Another trend in outsourcing is the area of revenue generation, including marketing. In-store customer communications now being outsourced and handled end-to-end. Not just that, with collaboration tools and software it can streamline process and collaboration.

2. Transportation Services
It is not common in third world countries but in United States, municipality cooperates with outsourcing company to operate LA Express Park, an advanced parking system created by Xerox and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. 

3. Employee Retention
Keeping the right employee at the right moment is important but now it is the extension of Human Resource outsourcing. Companies are now expanding the role of outsourcing, however, even within Human Resource.

So the landscape of outsourcing is getting wider each year and who knows, it can also cover public services from the state.