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[News] Outsourcing Can Be The Core Of The Operations
Posted at: 09 August 2017

The era of outsourcing operations and single activities is certainly not over, but there are not many non-core activities left to outsource in mature outsourcing industries and markets anymore. New service opportunities will emerge for industry players who are well positioned to either gather context-specific data and/or process it. 

Outsourcing will move into core and advanced business areas, requires overcoming structural constraints and pushing internal limits without compromising control over the strategic direction of the company.

Therefore, businesses in these markets are starting to push outsourcing’s boundaries into more core and advanced business areas, such as idea generation and innovation. Especially in innovation, where most companies are reluctant to spend their capital into it.

The companies that can successfully identify these trends in advanced business areas will seize an advantage towards 2020 and beyond. In the other side, service providers will have to develop new system-wide perspectives that involve complex relationships with a number of partner organizations and sometimes serve as deal architects.

Customers will demand outsourcing services that regard design, aesthetics, culture, storytelling, values and experiences, which are more immaterial in nature. These are the challenges not just being faced by business owners but also outsourcing vendors all over the world.