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[News] Huge Staffing Problem In Indonesia
Posted at: 27 June 2018

Minister of Manpower Hanif Dhakiri said that the most challenging issue facing Indonesia ahead of the industrial age 4.0 is the matter of human resources and their skills. This pose a huge staffing problem in Indonesia.

“The human resource alone is not enough, they must bear a good set of skills,” said Hanif in a college graduation in Tangerang today, June 30 as quoted from

According to the Minister, Indonesia’s industry in the future will slowly transform to existing jobs that would need certain skills. “We must push for vocational education,” Hanif said. Huge staffing problem in Indonesia must be solved immediately.

Coordinating Minister for Economics Affairs Darmin Nasution previously also said that one of the ways to improve Indonesia’s human resources is through vocational schools since he sees that Indonesia still lacks competitive human resources compared to other countries.

Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartanto explained that one of the national priorities that becomes the focus of his ministry is to build skilled human resources that would adapt to the Industrial revolution 4.0 concept. Staffing problem can be solved by hiring the best company in terms of staffing in Indonesia.

(source: Tempo)