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[News] Algeria And Indonesia Can Support Each Other In Trade
Posted at: 26 December 2018

Algeria and Indonesia could work together to boost each other’s economic growth by tapping into each country’s strong economic potential. For instance, Indonesia could benefit from Algeria’s status as a North African business hub, while Algeria could make use of Indonesia’s status as a big Southeast Asian country.

In addition to that, both sides of the equation could work together in a mutually beneficial cooperation, as Indonesia has ample natural and human resources, which are needed by Algeria, which is actively seeking not only business partners but also a potential market for its products.

Algeria could learn from Indonesia about how to diversify away from oil and gas products, because Algeria had been relying too much on oil and gas products in its trading activities.

Activities that could promote trade between the two countries included inviting Algerian business players to attend business forums and exhibitions during the annual Indonesian Trade Expo to identify companies that had the greatest business partnership potential.

Two Indonesian companies are currently invested in Algeria, namely state-owned energy company Pertamina as well as state-owned construction company PT Wijaya Karya. Indonesian food producer PT Indofood Sukses Makmur, meanwhile, is exploring possibilities of opening a factory in Algeria.

Algeria can serve as Indonesia’s strategic economic partner, [helping Indonesia] penetrate the African and Southern European markets, while Indonesia could also help Algeria penetrate the Southeast Asian markets as well as countries that are part of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) free-trade agreement.

(source: The Jakarta Post)