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[News] Indonesia's Economy Grow Steady And Slow
Posted at: 30 January 2019

China had now become much more “cautious and calculated” in its investment attitude amid an economic slowdown in the country and its more fragile outlook, particularly in light of its ongoing trade tensions with the U.S. Indonesia's economy grow steady and slow.

Indonesia’s economy has typically grown around 5 percent per year in the last five years and analysts polled by Reuters expect a similar growth rate in 2018.

Indonesia's growth is slow and steady, but still with GDP (gross domestic product) growth of 5 percent per year means the economy will double every 14 years. In a world that has a big circus going on with a lot of volatility and fireworks I think Indonesia can be a steady-as-she-goes investment destination.

Still, as an emerging market, Indonesia is vulnerable to shifting sentiment among international investors. Right now, however, the U.S. tariff war with China could be making Indonesia and its neighbors more attractive. Indonesia's economy grow steady and slow.

Experts have also said the conflict between the world’s two largest economies would push companies to speed up plans to move parts of their supply chains from China to countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

Earlier on Wednesday, Indonesia’s industry minister told CNBC that the country had benefited from the U.S.′ trade war with China with companies producing textiles and footwear looking to move out of China and into his country.

The Southeast Asian country has also been exporting more steel to the U.S., he added, despite President Donald Trump imposing additional tariffs on steel and aluminum imports in March last year.

(source: Bloomberg)