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[News] Indonesia's Digital Trade Sector Could Grow By An Eye-watering 768 Percent
Posted at: 22 March 2019

A recent AlphaBeta report, commissioned by the Hinrich Foundation and the Center for Strategic and International Studies, estimate the digital trade sector could grow by an eye-watering 768 percent, which could create USD 172 billion worth of economic opportunities by 2030, which would be equivalent to nine per cent of the country’s projected GDP at that time.

This is all good news, especially for the country's property industry. Bloomberg are reporting a surge in online property purchases across Southeast Asia as 'new money' finds a home, particularly from Chinese Millennials, suggesting countries such as Idonesia lack the barriers to foreign purchases erected in New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and Australia.

Interestingly, among this new generation of property buyers under the age of 40, about half purchase without even visiting the property, while about 22 percent buy sight unseen, according to Bloomberg. As incredible as it may sound, these property purchases are all done online, without phone calls or even a face-to-face meeting with an agent.

Most observers would agree Indonesia's economy was both healthy and stable in 2018, a trend the Financial Services Authority (OJK) plans to encourage into 2019 and beyond by embracing Industry 4.0

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