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[News] Indonesia And Argentina Welcomes Cooperation
Posted at: 20 May 2019

Vice President Jusuf Kalla today greeted Argentina's Vice President Gabriela Michetti at the VP Palace in Central Jakarta. In the opportunity, both vice presidents talked about the two countries’ trade issues, investment, and technical partnership.

Gabriela expects that the meeting will not only produce agreements but also those that can be implemented through an agreed timeline to achieve optimum results.

However, she revealed that the meeting did not go into details on the type of Argentinian investments in Indonesia. VP Gabriela only mentioned that there are many Argentine entrepreneurs interested in capital investments in the Southeast Asian region, especially Indonesia.

Especially considering that the South American country is eminent in the field of agroindustry, infrastructure, and the food industry.

Related to bilateral trade, VP Jusuf Kalla said the current trade balance between the two countries is still showing a deficit.

“We are still at a deficit because we purchase Argentina’s agriculture products. We will increase our exports to that country,” said the VP who said trade issues will be further discussed by state ministers in the cabinet later.

(source: The Jakarta Post/Antara)